Starting with newspaper ads, pet stores or Craigs List, you have put yourself on the path to puppy mill swindlers. It is advised you do not follow this path for your new family member. It is all to easy to be scammed. Even if you are the most perceptive shopper, you can be caught up before you know it. Emotions are ruling your decisions and your discipline has taken a back seat.

On the following list, if one or more of these statements apply: STOP! Do Not Go Down this Path!
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Anyone asking for money up front to reserve the puppy before you have seen it.
Ask for directions to the puppy's home to see the litter's health and living conditions. They ask to meet somewhere else.
Do not sign any kind of contract with these owners on site before reading it; always ask it be sent to you first before you make the trip to see the litter. Not sending is a bad sign.
You do not like the contract.
When you see ACA. APR, APRI, ARU, CKC, FIC, NAPDR, USKC, WKC or WWKC in the advertisements. RED FLAGS!
Do not go by yourself. Keep your safety in mind. Take a second person

Ask for a receipt before you hand over the cash. They may not want a paper trail and refuse.
Do not buy a dog less than eight weeks old. They will have to prove birth dates.
They have to supply you with their veterinarian's checkup health papers which include all their shots and dewormings. There also should be written progress reports by the sellers. If the veterinarian's last check up report is a check off list, back away, it is easily fraudulent. Try to call the vet's office. Does it sound suspicious? Did someone answer by announcing the office name?
The seller must have the above veterinarian final certified report not done more  than a few days before your purchase date. If they are a lot older than there should be more boosters, rabies, heartworm etc... on the report.
Any contract that has clause saying: "Guarantee for one year on all congenital defects. Puppy will be replaced as soon as possible with a puppy of like quality." You do not want like quality; it to will have congenital problems. These dogs are more and more being inbreed causing all these new health issues. The sellers are banking on the fact that you won't come back for another one. Insist that the contract say for full cash refund. Keep that receipt!
Should you end up with a puppy with congenital problems, the corrective surgery is                   expensive. Please do not euthanize the puppy. Call the breed's Rescue Club and ask them for help. They will most likely take the puppy and have the surgery performed. Once they are well enough put up for adoption.
Always remember, you get what you pay for and buyer beware!!!

Did you know that recently the state of California is the first state to pass a law that bans all retail sales of dogs, cats and rabbits from mills?